I recently won $500 while not even logged in - the Jake Cody Challenge All-In Shootout. Thank you Stars.

This new boost to my BR now allowed me to play $1 180-man tournaments with 15 min blinds. While the field isn't that much different to the 25/50c 90-man tourney I was used to, there are subtle differences.

Here are some I feel I have identified:

• You are slightly less likely to get looked up OTR, early sizing vs villain type is key to getting called and chipping up.
• Early game, identify the LAGs and fish, and I often isolate and stack off with AK pre-flop vs these.
• The payout structure favors the top 3 finishers, so being ITM and even the FT are not fantastic for the time invested in the 180s.
• This payout structure requires putting in more than four times the volume than I am able to currently.
• A clear focus when ITM and especially the FT, as being tired and not playing your best here can mean a profit difference of 9 buyins vs 48 buyins. I usually play 2 and never more than 4 tables now.

Chewme1's videos are great if you are playing these. I felt I could apply some of his table image concepts from the $4.40 180 man videos too.

Having an older deep run analysed by Gareth to point out the glaring issues in my game helped even more.

I have played 120 tournaments in the $1 180-man format so far, and while this sample size is too small, I hope to post results again at 250, 500, 750 and 1000.


More volume in the $1 180's and even stricter BR management are my focus now. Continued in part two..