After shaking off the tilted paroxsym of my last Big Bang I entered this January's Ferrari of Freerolls with 2 goals.

1. Do not tilt.

2. Play tight till ITM and then play to win the tourney.


In preparation, I went for a run and had a long afternoon nap after, as the Big Bang starts at 11:30pm here. I felt good starting the tourney and early double ups and knocking out players seemed promising towards the first break.

Things turned grim as I was moved to a table with 2 chipleaders and sharks who remind me I have position on them. Yea, position is all I need to win.


In the last Big Bang opps got lucky when I 3bet small holding  and the flop had an . Happy to stack off with these holdings again it appears I have learnt from my past. Viddy well, little brothers, viddy well (c.f.- A Clockwork Orange).

That's right people, I don't steal or 3bet light and offsuit is not the nuts brah. Good start, I feel invigorated and ready for more.

The very next hand I am dealth but it's early in the tourney and I didn't wanna stack off so did not 3bet. Made a tightish fold post flop since I did not want to call a pot sized bet on the Turn. Made notes on the guy betting that flop holding and waited for better spots.

I raise  3x UTG+1 a few hands later, get one caller who folds to my cbet on a  flop. I keep chipping up slowly as nobody calls my raises the next few premium hands I am dealt. Oh well, I'll take what I get.


Some of the stacks are getting short now and I suppose winning coin flips goes a long way. A fat stack and holdings help too. It's interesting to note that I have not been bullying so far, I have folded my blinds to action before me holding medium strength hands.


I'm moved to a new table and here's when things started to slow down. I'm sharing blinds with Profess Awe who's a shark I wouldn't play Solitaire against, much less defend my NLHE blinds. But our stacks are similar and I decide that I will not be bullied. This works out, somewhat.

Yea, got a bit carried away the second time and it cost me.


Made some tight folds as my stack is whittled by the blinds and antes.


I also sucked out like a boss. Sorry guys.


Then in a scene from a B-grade film, my Internet connection died and took what felt like an eternity to come back on. My ISP support responded with "our systems are down for maintainence for the weekend so we cannot give you an update on when it will be back up". The stuff that came to my mind is too profane for public viewing. Luckily it came back up in 10-15 mins but as luck would have it, my stack is almost meaningless now and I missed some easy spots. Sigh.


Two tables left & I'm at 4BBs - My HUD M range screams that it's down to sheer luck now. I do what I can fearing the worst - I won't make the final table. The horror!



Out at 15th - time to replace that UPS battery I've been putting off.  Laziness is -EV

I wish to thank PSO for the BB tickets, and above all, my PSO trainers and Skype group without whose saintlike patience and support this would not be possible, at all.

Arty, birdayy, Cake, Chewme, Darren, Dave, Doc Donkin, John, Roslyn, spand and numerous others here on PSO - Thank you all!