The extent that previous card results affected my future hand decisions weren't apparent until I reviewed my first Big Bang.


This in spite of recent reviews of my Zoom losses pointing to _serious_ issues with tilt. This is a tourney I've fancied since I joined PSO and how I spewed my first time in.

Picture perfect flops early helped me take a slight lead. You'd think a player in a 15 minute blinds tourney would now pick his/her spots to maintain that? You'd be wrong. Those players.. what do they know

I feel I can do better after 15k hands and all the feedback I've had. Anyone could. This is the game I played, spewy and ignorant of it.


Hand 1 of the tourney: I kid you not, I made a plan for this tourney, a first for me. No. 1 on that list? Avoid marginal hands OOP like the plague. I even brushed my teeth a second time to be complete - A primeval hunter, poised to tame the field. Or a guy in dress shoes at a store's cold cuts section.

Who would call that shove? Apparently that doesn't matter. A thin value bet feigning weakness might've won some more chips. But who needs chips, it's more important to impress upon the table that I shove wet flops. I fold the next three rag hands. Evidently I'm not playing to chip up, as much and when I can.

Hand 2: I'm now around 4th position I think. The table was pretty tight so I thought I'd limp (always a good idea right?) and take it post flop against the blinds or fold to a raise. Because when in doubt, don't fold, clearly take it post flop.

Flopped the likely nuts in what could be the suckout of the month on the cheap-to-see River and decide to snap-shove, again. Placidly thought-out opps range and River bet sizing for sure!

I feel I'm right, but I'm someplace else, it looks and feels the same, it's not.

Hand 3: If I was on a highway to the danger zone, this was the first bar I hit. It's hard to fold  pre and I 3bet an amazing amount.

Had someone 3 bet before, I like shoving here. With much Proness I ranged both + to + and felt happy to stack off, they likely held blockers and if one was , so be it I thought. Next step after this analysis pre flop? 3bet an amount that invites everyone in. Powerful play.

This hand gets interesting because now I am back to slightly less than my starting stack, about the same as if I'd folded all my hands so far. Zero harm done, my stack isn't crippled, over 60% of the field was at least 3BBs less than me. 15 minute blinds.

Hand 4: The only handle I recognized at my table was GamblingProp, seated a player before. I know from the PSO forums he is more experienced than I and I should avoid tangling with him, especially post flop. So obviously when he bets his 2nd hand in the tourney and I am dealt , I raise him.

This was an easy fold pre, I'd planned not playing with him if I could help it. Yet I see a flop, sordid waste of chips.

I feel annoyed, something screams this is my own doing. I push the suggestion to a far away corner and 'focus' on the game. I got this, just need to tighten up.

Hand 5: I get  and raise and everyone folds. No surprise there.

Hand 6: I raise UTG+1 and a villain who hasn't played a single hand yet, 3bets, and I feel his hand represents strength. So I do the smart thing, I call.

This was an easy fold pre, easier fold to the 3bet, and the easiest fold post flop. I took a minute to think about villains range again on the Turn and told myself, "This feels strong like the  he would've 3bet". Glancing at my chip count a moment later, it's at half the starting stack, I somehow convinced myself he had  because of the very same 3 bet sizing pre flop and got all my chips going on the 25th hand.

Simply looking at my chip stack halved felt crushing and so I may as well get the rest in there right? Wretched play.

And it was, you know, such an oh so fast format tournament.

I'm off to the beach while this weather lasts, happy holidays everyone!


My sincere apologies to any who wished to play in the Big Bang and had to see this