At the start of the year I set myself the following goal which I hope to acheive by the end of the year: "Starting with a bankroll of $25, I would like achieve a closing BR of $150 and an ROI of >9% in MTTs."



January Progress Review

January was certainly an eventful start to the bankroll challenge with plenty run good/bad, bonehead plays and periods of burnout. I guess that's what they mean by "that's poker folks"


Total games played: 253

Net winnings: $17.04

ROI: 28.2%

ITM: 19.0%

Closing Bankroll: $42.04

VPPs: 31.85

January Goals

Tournaments played (goal 60) - achieved 253
Hand history reviews (goal 4) -  achieved 4
Live training sessions/ videos (goal 4) -  achieved 4

Things to fix

Volume: As I haven't really tracked my play before, I didn't what sort of volume I could manage. I intend to increase the monthly target but no by so much that I feel burned out or reluctant to trawl through hand histories at the end of the week. 

Focus on the decisions: try to balance volume with quality of decisions, and avoid succumbing to random button-clicking syndrome. I will also try to avoid looking at my winnings graph until the end of each month. Depressing myself with looking at how I'm running relative to EV, or how long I've been on a downswing, isn't going to do me much good. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter whether I finish the week on $51 or $46?

Walk away: if you don't feel at your best for whatever reason, stop playing. The juicy games will still be around when you reurn. Walk away. You'll thank yourself for it in the long run. If only I had the discipline .

Game selection: I often find myself rushing to register to SNGs before they fill, or worse late regging tournaments for no apparent reason. I'm going to try be more selective towards games I'm succesful at/enjoy playing. 

Be more 'calculated' in shot taking: At one point I got the 'roll to $47 and was taking shots at the 55c 500-caps. But I feel that I went too far, too fast. When taking shots, I will have a number of buy-ins in mind and I will avoid increasing my average buy-in too drastically. 

Post-grind workout: this is something I've seen others doing and thought I'd add to my routine. Apparently, physical activity does seem help with residual tilt, which otherwise builds up between sessions and leaves you feeling pretty crappy. 

February Goals

Volume: play at least 150 tournaments.

Study: this month I will be looking at med-short stack play. Watch at least one training video relvant to MTT each week.

Hand review: spend 3hr reviewing hands and post at least one hand for review on the hand analysis forum each week.


I'd like to wish everybody the best of luck with their respective goals. 

Unitil next month,