Played 2 freerolls and the typical gambling style around. Not for me. It's a pure waste of time. In the long run anyone cleaning stairs in the suburb will make more money per hour than anyone playing freerolls.

If you are counting with the freerolls to grow your bankroll, then be prepared to waste hours & hours. It's better to grab a few bucks and deposit them. You wont learn nothing in freerolls, actualy I believe that your play will get worse.

However playing something tlike the hot 0.55 it's totaly different. There you can see some poker being played.

Wondering what make people play better. The value of the prize, or the fact that they actually payed to enter the tourney ?

I believe it's the prize as 0.55 cents is not even enough for a black coffe.

That's all for today.