Hi, everyone.

It's been an interesting experiênce here at Pokerstars. But let's start by the beggining.

I've played online poker many years ago then, by personal reasons, I've abandoned it during several years. In the last month I've decided to play again. No special reason, but as my work is done from home and with a computer, I do have some extra time I can use to play.

By the way, I'm Portuguese and live in Portugal.

As many of you I made a small deposit, and started from there. I know the kind of game I feel more confortable with, but here at pokerstars I've decided to play mainly MTT as some of them are quite interesting in order to create a bankroll (or at least try to).

Obviously I went to the freerolls and the micro buy-in tournaments, and I've been surprised by the way people actualy play. It's a kind of all-in festival or a "bet till I get", where you really can't do much besides either wait or gamble your chips. Pure gambling.

Well, I'm anoyed now. If I wanted to gamble, then I would have opened an account in a casino.

As far as I can see, the micro-stakes is not poker in the real sense of the game.

Some people say, they play agressivly. Well they don't. They gamble agressivly and sometimes get lucky and win a buch of chips or even win some tournaments.

So for me, this experience it's not being very fun or pleasant . I do not want to play that way. So I will keep patiently waiting for better cards.

One thing I'm sure, those gamblers out there, will not make money in the long run. Whatever they win they will also lose with the same speed.

I' will wait.

Have a nice time a the tables.