Hey there guys :] this time i will make a realy quick update about the status.
played about 20-30 $0.25 s&g had ups and downs. but over all its all good :]

Day 7 -
I desided that I am removing the daly astronamers freerolls just becasue it hurt's my game
while i am 4 tabling i need a good atantion on the s&g tornys.
i will soon add the 10FPP into my dally scedule - im starting to get a bounch of vip points so
no problem for me to use them, for now just 1 10FPP tourny for a day,  but soon i will add all the 4
into my scedule.
allso adding the $0.25 and $0.55 tournaments to my dally scedule as i can finaly afford them.

Bankroll - $24.74
Facebook Freeroll League Rank - 73 (38 points)
Facebook $0.10 League Rank - 2,323(10 points)
PSO League - 974 (1675.19)

Good day !!