I am exited to know my blog got 17,14,13 viewers - its fun and cool to know some one is reading what you have to say or your progress (or maybe it was just a missclicking by ppl :-P ).

any way, i didnt had a very good day today, didnt mannage to cash any thing on any freeroll or get any ticket for the WK2, but its ok im learning from each day.

those are my scores for today :
Hubble's NL Hold'em Freeroll - 2283rd9000
PokerSchool Open Skill League - 6573rd9000
BankrollMob December Leaderboard $50 Freeroll - 2605th3044
Hubble's NL Hold'em Freeroll - 2776th9000
Facebook Poker League - Freeroll - 1007th1778
Halley's PL Omaha Hi Freeroll - 1207th3618
BankrollMob December Leaderboard $50 Freeroll - 1085th1415
PokerSchool Open Skill League - 4431st9314
Hawking's FL Hold'em Freeroll - 3510th5418
Tombaugh's Mixed [PLHE, PLO] - 3510th5418
Hubble's NL Hold'em Freeroll - 998th9000
Hubble's NL Hold'em Freerol - 2810th8697
BankrollMob December Leaderboard $50 Freeroll - 633rd1117
PokerSchool Open Skill League - 5618th9000
PokerSchool Open Skill League - 5762nd10000
BankrollMob December Leaderboard $25 Freeroll - 1329th3019
Halley's PL Omaha Hi Freeroll - 2301st7223
BankrollMob December Leaderboard $50 Freeroll - 801st4882


i open a note in my decktop so each time i am aliminated from some torny i write it down, just to know where i finished in each tourny and that i can post here in my blog.

- i use the notes while i am in a game a lot - if some one did something out of the ordinry i would write it down so next time we meet in an hand i would have much info on him. stuff like:
"all in preflop 75bb deep with a-2" - i wrote so i can know that this guy can shove with a very wide range.
"minraised the river with trips and low kicker on an heavy 4 way strghit" - so i will know is capbable of tine value in the river.
and allso i note evry body in the game as a player who plays that game - so if i open i table in "facebook poker league, i mark all of thene in notes as facebook poker league player - if i see some facebook player in open skill league i make then as an open skill league as well.(as much info on my opponants, consider i dont have HM because it cost money - and as you all know a thing i dont have right now)


Leaasons for today :

TimeBank - its there for a reason, have a big desition? use it !! i underastameted the timebank factor, as i make some quiq wrong desitions that i wouldnt made if i have just took my time.
so from now on im gonna use all the time in the time bank for major desitions

Bubble - in some facebook league i had above avr. stack(accely from it) and if i would just sitout i could make a tickt to 0.10 league. so next time dont get gridy and just make sure your making it throw the money and thene start to put the presure on.

have a nice day folks - i hope to bring much better results - and soon i will update this forume including real money mtt'ss&gcash games