I mannaged to loose all my bankroll in an half an hour cash game.
1.5 month ago i deposit 75$ earned money in hard work to pokerstars.com,
and with a carefull bankroll managmant i grinder up in 0.2545-90 man combain with 1.50 Fifty50 (i allso added all fpp tornys, PSO league, facebook league, 0.25-1.65 Mtt's some big satalite alon the way) multytabling, and mannage to get into a 264$ bankroll ! was a sick two weaks.
and i grinder prety good to go up the levels.
my next level in that time was 1.590-45 mans alon with 1.5 KO and with all other mantianed.

but thene it happend ! i saw a game open in my home club game (an israely home club game - full of sharks, top of the israely players. playing freindly games).
it was a 50nl hold'em wich was way out of my bankroll, but i just felt so good about my game thinking i can enjoy and crush theme.
well, none of that happend they send me broke and frustrating after no longer thene 30 minutes of game - back to the starting point. 0$ in bankroll.

i had some fpp on my acount (about 1500) so i used that for satalite to the red-spade open, 6- handed table 1 one taking the prize. i mannge to take first and was so frustrated about my lost. i told my self im going to make a big shot with it or busto. so i joined a 55$ FO 500 cap torny. oviesly i falied to cash even a minicash. busted out in me holding 10-10 vs A4S all in on turn in (236T5 Board).

i was so pissed i i went strghit to bed for a good night sleep. i woke up in the moring realy feeling empty inside - i took a break of poker for a few weaks just to get my head clear.

and now i back in the game with a fresh new start and a bigger disaplant trying to do what me and lost of others like me tryed to do with out no succed - grind up from the micro to the lowmid stacks !!

the problem is i have no cash at all. at this time, leaving me with a freerolls only to handle.
maybe i could deposit something next weak but i doubt it.

im am very tyred right now so the grind will have to wait for tomarow - i have a big grind day toamrow.
Grinding up the freerolls !

if any one have any freeroll to suggest me, any other than (PSO, Facebook, Astronamers freerolls, bankrollmob, and 10th Ann. Giveaway freerolls) available on PS - i will be happy to know about.