So Christmas and holiday period now out of the way not played much during the break as been too busy but been working on my game quite a bit looking at what it takes to beat 2nl rather than just to beat poker as a whole and seems to be working. In my mind it seems to be a lot simpler than I thought and I by restricting my hand choices to easy play options in early position and only opening up in C/O and BTN thus allowing to play big draws v.aggro post flop and not thinking hmmmm does he have it so much as you generally have the odds to play.


On that note 1st session 1 of the year has me thinking when I am going to get my equity with shoving these 16 outters and being called by TPNK but I am sure it will change.

So this is todays session

 Not sure what I think but red line seems nice. Plus the difference in all in EV vs actual winnings is more than my negative blue line so think this must be down to running bad? Any views on this would be amasing as cant seem to work it out.


Here is overall and back into the positive. I think its obvious where I have started to change my game but even with the level of coolers early on and running what can be seen as well all in I am now behind all in EV so feel like if I carry on this way profit should not be too far away.