If its possible to still sign up with Poker News bonus code still.............I'll suggest it. You get a monthly freeroll based on fpp earned and it's a significant prize pool. Took another $360 -- 3 way chop over the weekend and then another small $33 that night. I've become more of a jerk lately during the PSO because we don't have enough jerk's in there and Seagull can't carry the load for us all.  I also would suggest waiting the 9 minutes before entering any PSO tournament because you will gain a 100 spots doign nothing and avoid the luckboxes.  Heading to Vegas for the first time ever April 4th on a work paid plane ticket and hotel room I won.  Waiting on the Sunday Storm and the SCOOP $215 and dreaming big!  Bankroll growing by the hundreds tho..............like it to grow by the thousands but still time yet I hope.