I decide to write about this tournament because at the first break I am 3X the average and sitting in 12th place.  I was lucky enough to have a player to my right who played and reraised almost every hand he was in.  At one point he had almost 4X average but couldn't slow down.   He won a few high pocket pairs since the entire table knew he was a wreck.  Thank him for my position right now.  Hit on a 4 flush flop and won an all in with 2 other players when turn hit spade on an A 10 starting first to enter.  Cards are good so far just put another all in with AK vs his A 10, he couldnt say no I guess.  3100 players left.  2500 left, played only 2 hands.  qj off on button loses to a sb AK K on turn, not much in pot.  Forced next one off with a 4 fl k8 no paired on turn in heart with qu showing shortly after.  Blinds creeping up just folding 3X average 36th place.  New table is good, all lower stacks still, no big guys to worry about.  Nothing worth playing, 2000 left 69th.  KQ worth another 4k off a small stack push and a 77 trying to buy.  king on flop and qu on turn.  New table 3X BB and 1 guy same as me.qj off UTG 7 BB push I fold my min raise. Ante is here 1800 left sitting in 45th average creeping 2.5 stack to average.  1000 to go for ITM. A3 suited vs 77 small stackk all in no good ......no flush.  About 100th place 2X average 1500 left. A5 suited chase no good.......duh........watched a lucker str go by I wasn't in, and could of gotten there cheap.  Still big stack at my table ....other guy having issues. AK vs AA allin on other big stck down to 5k boohoo.  Half average 1.5 BB and time to do work.  3rd time AK vs AA today..........wth...K9 UTG call staion with 3 sp showing me none king on board and 9 river up to 8k but still work.... 99 vs aq and I'm done.  no ITM.  Lesson for today don't call an all in 2nd big stack.