You finished the tournament in 25th place. A USD 66.71 award has been credited to your Real Money account  This was a quick few hours this afternoon because this MTT was a turbo.  The $1.10 Rebuy Add-On.  I find it important to watch the number of players in the late registration columns.  I also find it easier to join a late tournament and get further.  This had a $1000 guarantee that actually got up to something around 18k I think.  If you wait until the blinds are at a level that give your starting chip stack about 20 BB's, sometimes you'll have already beat half the field.  This is an advantage that I always use.  Although the prize for 24th is only $70 Final table started at $120 I think for 9th, with something like $4k for first.  I got teleported into the UTG + 1 or UTG +2 three times in a row to blow out the rest of my chips because the blinds were enormous.  These tournaments are a push bully festival lol.  Kind of fun to play that way with only 2 reloads and the add-on gave a great ROI.  Watch those player totals and when they get up there .....get in!  :-P  8-O