We have all come across players who pull off outrageous calls.  I don't mean A 10 rivers A K (30% here it seems), I am talking about 7 2 calls 3rd all-in pre (against equal stacks), and beats out AA and AK.  We even see this 'Donk' to repeat these efforts in simular fashion, wipeing out many of the better players.  Are they cheating?  Are they part of the software, to add 'excitement'?
  Whatever the case, the likelyhood of them simply 'getting lucky', ie. hitting the %2 out or pulling the four up flush (about 1 in 200 in real life), repeatedly, is not worth suggesting. I would like to suggest that we human, non cheating players share our notes on such players.  I mark them purple, and put a letter under thier notes( the N under thier ring then distinguishes them from true donks who tend to lose when they push thier 7 2 off).
  I don't know if PS allows this sharing of information, if not perhaps someone concerned about cheating, who agrees with this idea could suggest a forum in wich to do so.  I think most of us would prefer to keep our online play honest, and knowing these 'players' might help us make the odds a little closer to real life.