9 times in a row.. out of prizes.. always loose against everything.. I don`t know what to think.. just smile.
Loose with AA, KK, QQ, AK against everything..

Once pushed all in on pre flop with pocket kings from midle position, before me was only one raise from UTG, opponent called my push and won with Th8h.

Another situation I saw today. Player from cut off raised on preflop with Jc4c 4BB, before was one call from UTG. On river UTG loose his stack with street, AK in hand, against agressor who got a flush.

One more. AA in hand. One raise before me. I raise 4 x raise amount, opponent calls. On flop I got set, but on river loose my stack against opponents street. He had 34 offsuite on hands.

When I play my QQ I loose against AK, when I play my AK, I loose against QQ..

And more, and more, and more.

And my question is - what does it all means???

This brings me only one idea - to quit with  the poker forever.