So I had a cracka t a few of the sit n go's ladt night, i played 9. It did't go as well as i was hoping, my best finish so far is 153... I tend to agree it seems to be a case of shove or fold. Being a hyper-turbo i find myself getting short stacked from the blinds eating up my chips while im waiting for a playable hand, I am wondering weather i should widen my range a lil when in position.

Here is a couple of hands that hand me wondering.

the first i folded pre-flop and in the end i would have won but i felkt the hand was a little out of my range and was unsure weather i should have played it in this perticular format.

The second has, i was gettting down on chips due to the blinds and decided to shove in middle position with 2BB left. not sure i had a choice in this one

  So ending up the first few tourneys down 18c and not too happy bout my performance, still got a lot of learning too do. any coments would be helpfull

Cheers Huka