Just starting out here at PSO.  I have been playing for several years, but have just recently gotten serious about improving my game.  I am excited to start exploring PSO and laking in all the stuff to learn.

I started off by going through the basic and core courses.  All stuff I already new for the most part, though I have been lax when applying the odds and outs principles to my game up to this point.  The quick reference chart will hopefully make this a more agreeable prospect.

I decided to take in one of the Skill League Tournys this morning. I am on second break right now and doing better than expected. currently only 101 players left out of a 686 seat tourney.  Its definatly nice to get some positive points on the first tournament I play!

As I get more into the material and play more games I will post here on what has helped and how I am trying to develop my poker skills.  As for now, its great to be a new member!  See you at the tables!