In my blog you will follow me on my quest to become a winning professional poker player with all that entails a "no hold back" truth to how I became a famous winning poker giant!!!!!

I am 45 years old and my screen name is HTTANMAN. I started playing poker for money at the age of 6 by my late Aunt Elizabeth. She was a tremendous card player and always had the time to teach as she took my money. She covered it all... at least I thought she did.

Fast forward to August of 2009 I was watching tv and landed on ESPN and a repeat of the 2003 World Series of Poker... I was hooked. I had heard of holdem and had played a few times with friends but never thought of really learning the game until I saw Moneymaker win it all.

I decided to play online as a father of 5 kids I didn't have the time to run to the local card room and play, so I went to the only sight I had ever heard of which was Poker Stars, followed the directions, picked a screen name, password and I was off and running. Armed with play money and a basic understanding of the game I entered a ring game of 10/20 NLHE and did surprisingly well for about ten hands and the next thing I knew was I was broke and begging for the time limit to get more free chips had expired. I lost it all on a open ended straight draw  to a flush. To be honest I never saw it coming.

This pattern of  "up a little down a lot" went on for several weeks until I learned more and adopted a tighter style. I also discovered "freerolls" and the chance to win money without having to deposit anything and focused my time on these. I think it was about a month or two before I finished high enough to win 2 cents...I was out of my mind. I couldn't believe how excited I was about winning 2 cents but it was more than the was the first time I truly believed I could reach my goal of becomming a winning professional poker player.