Hi everyone, Hotkissx here. 

At age 60 (ok give or take a few years, come on a girl shouldn't reveal her age) I am new to Poker Stars but have been playing cards my whole life. I live in a village in the Philippines and cards have always been a good way to pass the tiime. 

But now that I'm a modern girl and playing online I find myself being my own worst enemy. Everyone suffers bad beats, but I feel like I'm the only one that it happens to constantly. And then I go off on a rampage and start going all in with crappy hole cards. 

Just last night, I'm playing the School Pass event to try and win one of the 100 "Golden" tickets to advance (like Willy Wonka's Golden ticket). I have a nice chip stack and get to about 21st place with half the field gone. 4,000+ yikes. Now it's down to the last 700 and I'm in good shape at about 117th. Of course prior to that I tilted and dropped down to about 400th place and had to climb back up, but that is a story for another day. 

So, my composure is regained and then BAM!!! another bad beat. I mean what the heck is the guy even calling for with NOTHING. But thanks to the Poker Gods who have a sick sense of humor, he goes runner runner and bye bye to most of my chips (I think I had 5,000 left).   After a tirade of cuss words that would make a sailor blush (embarrased, hehe) I went all in with K 7 offsuit. Of course several people called and after a decent flop and hoping I might pull it off. The turn, and river offered not salvation but disaapointment. The screen flashes, "You have finished the tournament in 700th place, Thanks for playing"

Another tournament ended because I just cant stay off TILT. 

Bye everyone, thanks for reading my blog (BTW, this is the first blog I have ever written) Never even knew blog was a word before....This small village girl has come a long way baby!