i play live poker once aweek do realy well so i put my winnings on pokerstars and try there so far ive had no luck winning the bigone i love the game of poker will not quite ive been to other sites to play and didnt like them one bit pokerstars has the best struckters in tournaments they have one every three seconds that what i love . my best friend went to play live at river rock in the $1million dollars and got into the money i did as well made the money as well , everybody says they have a favorite hand well my favorite hand is 6 3 suited if i feel that its going to hit and i have alot of chips i will go all in. Some people keep saying that online poker is rigged and pokerstars i see them on utube putting there hands on there online poker is not rigged people to even get to see the hole cards well all i hope to see u at the wsop soon gl all hope every one wins big