Well, it's been an interesting last few months playing the PCA satellites and trying to win a seat to the Bahamas in January. 

Last Sunday I played in the PCA freeroll sponsored by PokerStars http://www.pokerstars.com and hosted by WaveJourney http://www.wavejourney.com  This organization is an online travel magazine geared towards women.  Jill Hoelting and Viv Chapleo started it about 4 years ago.  There is a section devoted to poker travels. 

The tournament started out well.  I managed to double up early with QQ over JJ and JJ over 10 10 with us both holding overpairs to the board.  In these types of tournaments with only one prize for first place, I typically play extremely loose early on while the blinds are low and try to see as many flops as cheaply as possible. When I get rewarded with a raggedy 2 pair or straight I can accumulate a lot of chips, then use those to bully opponents and steal blinds later.   However, that strategy was unnecessary for this tournament courtesy of the 2 easy double ups.  Things were certainly going my way & when we were down to 20 players left I was the chipleader.  Made it to the final table still with the chip lead.  I try not to think about winning while I'm  playing, only about making correct decisions, but just for a second when I arrived at the final table with a nice chiplead I did allow myself to think about being in the Bahamas, swimming in the lazy river pool & sipping an icy adult beverage!  So things were going well until 6 handed. I lost a few pots & the chiplead. Then my friend got knocked out when her 99 fell to Ace rag AIPF when the river brought a disgusting wheel.  I was still typing 'OMG' in the chat window when I looked down at two beautiful red Kings!  I'm thinking, "Yesss, this is my chance to double up & regain the chip lead.  Unfortunately, it did not work out and the AQ of my opponent prevailed.  How does that Ace always seem to come when you hold kings?!?!

So I finished 4th out of 170 players in that PCA freeroll after about 4 hours of playing. That was my last hope to get to the Bahama   I tried the $215 buyin on Sundays for the ladies PCA package. Another final table, another time going home empty handed.  So frustrating!  That was the weekend "jenium" won her seat.  At that tournament I ended up spewing all my chips off to her by making a bluff attempt when she had the nuts with some weirdo straight,  so I'm glad to see she made good use of them and won!! I had a hard time figuring out her style of play.  She's definitely one the top female online players.

-Til next time