November was mixed. I achieved a second mission (VeryEasy Ha!), and actually reached a total of 60 VPP for the month, which I think is not bad for a $10 bankroll. I was not able to add any more MM games. I did get a ticket for a freeroll for AUS/NZ players and finished there just short of the money (beating brettnz in the process )

OSL did not cooperate either. I finished ITM, but not high enough to qualify for Premier League this month.

Time to look at December and beyond.

I will play a few SNGs this month, trying to cash in on the bonuses. I have a 50% cash rate in the .25 90 man SNGs, so that's where I will concentrate my efforts.

I will accomplish the December Mission (VeryEasy again) on my way to hitting 20 VPPs again.

The target is top 500 in OSL

Plus, I have multiple tickets for the Big Bang this month (somebody likes my blogs).

It is likely my next post will be about that game.

See you all at the tables