Well, the Micromillions campaign is not progressing well. The bankroll plan went bust, along with the bankroll, after a couple of days of disastrous results at the Zoom tables.


The 3 events I already had entries for were enjoyable, and I finished in the top 1/3 - 1/2 in all of them, but playable hands were all too rare on the days I was playing

It is very annoying how good hands can so often be beaten by cards that should not even have called my initial raise. Don't these people know that I have excellent cards and that they should fold early? How dare they stay in with those rags and destroy my JJ, KK, AQs, etc.

Having said that, it does work out the other way, too. Several times in OSL (and other games) I have had absolute rags in the BB, clicked the check/fold button and found myself looking at the perfect flop. Things like 10-5o and 9-2o have kept me afloat for an ITM place. 

I accomplished my 2nd week mission (VeryEasy2) and decided to watch the shootout because it was at 7 am for me. I got through the first round, which was enough to get me ITM ($.50). Both hands were 75o. At the first table I was up against AKo and my heart sank, only to rise again as the 8 came on the flop, the 6 on the turn and the 4 on the river. Second round I was up against an 84o with my 75, and the 8 on the flop drove the nail into my coffin.

I have my 20 VPPs this month (actually 40+) so I am hoping to qualify for the premier league. I had started slow on the OSL this month, but over the last week have moved from place 10K+ to 1870 (score 1770). Only 2 negative scores out of the 13 tourneys I've played, 5 ITMs with a VPIP of under 10% (like I said, cards have been sloooow). I have a small stake, so will try the VeryEasy mission for week 3. Some luck there, and with the PSO MM tickets I may still reach my goal of 10 MM tourneys and a share of all that cash.

See you at the tables.