Last month I concentrated on analyzing the OSL, re-inventing the wheel because I do so much better when I duplicate other people's work!

I was quite impressed with myself over October's result, so I turned my attention to gaining the 20 VPPs needed to qualify for the PSL, and discovered the joys of 2nl Zoom. More on that in a bit. At the same time, I received promotional e-mails from PS about Micromillions and the November Mission. They are having a special promo for Australian players, giving me free games dependant upon my playing in the Micromillions. so I figured, 'It can't hurt to have a look.'

Not too bad, there are many games in the timeframe I am willing to play in, and they all have reasonably cheap satellites, so let's see what I can do.

I had used most of my September October FPPs in a tourney to turn them back into cash, so I had 6 left. I registered in a couple of 2FPP satellites to the first MM event. They really didn't know what hit them. I was in the final four in both of them and realized I could only use one ticket. It was harder to crash out of one of those tourneys than it is to finish ITM in OSL . But I did finally manage it, and got 3 of the four FPPs back and a ticket to the opening event. I'll have to wake up at 4AM to play it, and there were already over 20K people registered, but it should be a toe-wetter for the series.

Is it going to be this easy?

Looking at the satellite schedule, it became apparent that there were few that I could afford. My Bankroll is not large, and can't get larger from outside, so I have to build it with cash games, but I can't play more than 2nl. Played a couple of rings there, and made a bit with what I've learned from PSO, but it's soooo aggravating to sit through the several orbits of 72o and 83o and the like before you see a facecard. So I tried Zoom.

I love it! I don't have to wait for the slow players unless I have a good hand (and I don't mind that so much). Instead of one decent hand every 10-15 minutes, it's one every minute. They don't all win, but the VPPs started rolling in. Three sessions of zoom, and my BR was back to where it was at the start of October, and I was halfway to my 20VPP goal.

I should have accepted the VeryEasy Mission for the first part of November, but I hadn't. I have done so for the 2nd, and if things go as well as they have been, I'll try the Easy one for the last.

The winnings bought my way into 3 more satellites, and I am now registered for 3 events in the Micromillions. I doubt I can play more than 2 a day, and there are some days where other commitments limit my choice, but I'm aiming at 10 events, all entered by satellite from Zoom winnings.

To those who have bothered to read this far, thanks for your support, and good luck at the tables.