Well, October is finished for me. There are a few more Open League games that I won't be playing as I can't improve my winnings with them and it is highly unlikely that 144 people will be able to pass me on the ladder and knock me out of the top 500. So I win $1!!! I played 35 tourneys this month, lost points on only eight of them, was ITM 18 times, in the real money twice.

A few notes to add to the strategy comments already supplied by PSO.

Sit out the first round(or just fold every hand). This will give you a bit of a read on the other players at your table, and 25% of the entrants will bomb out. If you get moved to another table, start over.

Early in the month, you will get points just by sitting out. you will be blinded out shortly before the first break, but 80% of the entrants will have crashed and burned behind you. There were a couple of times this month where I ended up in the points with only one hand won, and that on a favorable flop when I was able to check my big blind.

I don't recommend sitting out. You miss out on getting the reads on your opponents, and you get dealt AA UTG and have folded it before you can hit the 'I'm Back' button.

Don't risk your stack early on even for a blockbuster hand.

Now a quiz. Lets say you were dealt 83o in the BB early in the tourney. 5 people limp to you so you check with 120 in the pot. the flop is 833! SB checks so you bet $60 trying to encourage others to call. Everybody folds except the SB, who calls. On the turn he checks, you bet 120, and he calls again. On the river he checks again, what do you do, and why? I hope I get some response to this one