Finished 46th out of 10,000 for an awesome payout of USD 0.01 (about AUD 0.0107). 

I won 4 hands in the first session. Two sets of good pocket pairs want to the showdown for reasonable returns, a third couldn't find any callers. The fourth hand was a walk in the BB, which had everyone else fold on the turn. The people who tried to sit out the whole game were blinded out just before the break with about 2100 people left. I was at about 1500 with a stack of 2900.

The second session started slowly, about 15 minutes in I had 2 sets of pocket jacks in succession. the first one stood up by itself, the second caught a good straight on the river for a split pot. Stack stood at around 30K. A few hands later a pair of queens flopped a set with 3 people in. One was all in on my potbuilding bet, the other turned out to have the fourth queen. When the pair showed up on the turn I put my last 12K into the pot and the other fellow called. I was in 17th out of 1300 with a stack of 80K. Things drifted for a while, a few minor hands and a lot of folding took me to the second break in the top 50 with about 800 left and a stack of 90K.

Third session was very quiet, had a lot of folds and a few small pots. Went to the third break at 57th out of 112 and a stack of just under 100K.

Folded the first few hands of the fourth session before I got a walk in the big blind with a QTo. The flop was AKJ, so I let everyone else (there were still 2 people in the pot) get all my chips into the middle. 13th out of 80 with a stack of 257K. Ticked over another orbit or two when I stayed in on the button with AJs. Raised against the 2 limpers, on of the blinds called, as did one of the limpers. Flop was JT small, so I figured on top pair, top kicker, bet accordingly, and was taken out by the limper who had pocket kings.

Nearly 4 hours of play, and I get one cent