I was really excited when Full Tilt came back on line.  The first few weeks were great.  Then it was like I forgot how to play.  My explanation is simple.  The Poker Star fairys switched up the full tilt dealing system.  Bottom line mates.  If you are playing the lower level Ts you get that mystical constant combinations of cards dealt to you. The famous A,6   7,2  Q,10, J,9  A,10 lets not forget the famous 6,3 combo. Same old Same old predictable.

People make mistakes just deal them straight and never mind the weekly or bi weekly flip ups. On another note while for the last month at both sites my cards have been nothing short of a joke.  I went to a real Casino and played a real T and Finished 6.  While there I learned about joining the Amature WPT whereby you play at local bars for free, gaining points toward WPT events.  They are linked to another well known poker site.  Where I have been playing and doing well.   Unless some miracle occurs, guess my future poker investments will be with them.    GoodLuck everyone.