Taking shots!!! Starting the day with $173.01

I have been grinding 2nl 6 max zoom cash game for over 4 hours today. The swings are massive in this style of game, but a lot of fun I find it profitable during the day than at night were all the reg sharks come out to play, but ended up on the session by $3, which may not seem alot but worth the experience.

The world of Spin & go's. I have rarely tried this out, but what a rush, my advice, just play ABC poker & raise alot with picture card hands, We all know that its very much a gambling game to play but if you watch for the mistakes, you can punish other players severly.

My bankroll is currently sitting on $199.01 which adds to a 1 day profit of $26.

In my experience, at these stakes this is a heater but im enjoying the grind & the different styles of games available.

P.S being from the UK the new VIP steps have come into play which is interesting, I havent got a good or bad review on the new structure yet, but will updat shortly.

Take care