While sitting at just over 100,000 chips in a PSO league tourney today I made a horrible mistake...Wanted to go all-in and then thought about it and decided to only check in 1st position against one other player. Playing 2 tournaments and made a horrible mistake by clicking all-in instead of the check button. I wish PokerStars had an ALL-IN PROTECTION question that asks "are you sure you want to go all-in" like other sites I used to play on (i.e. Party) Would have saved my tourney today, but ended up betting 64,000 with trash and getting knocked out. Made 19th place, but was in 6th place before the blunder. Does anyone know if this option is available, and if so...how do I set it as my option? If it is not an option then Stars should definitely look into making it available as it would definitely help when you stop and take a second to decide to put all your chips at risk. In other news...been pushing up the PSO standings since learning of the money potential for the leader board 2 nights ago. Can't wait till the start of next month so I can be at the top and not where I am this month playing catch-up. Just have to watch out for the initial donkey fest. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Good Luck at the tables to all the real poker players. See you at the table!