I want to thank the staff at PS. Always had good responce to any and all inquiries and any issues i might have. This is not intended to point at anything other than facts.

As of Sept, after having taken a few days off from playing cards, i managed to maintain a 25% increase on my original deposit. It seems that I manage to get to about 80% above original deposit then i'm back to my deposit amount. Back up to that point, then back down again. It's seems like a yo-yo game, with quite the yo-yo players. Above the really loose players out there, and there are many, which incidently is what you'll mostly find online, there are a few other issues I've noticed. I want to maintain that this is my opinion and should there be any changes, I will make it a point to mention all that in my October review.

There is an old saying, if you flip a coin 9 times in a row and it's always heads, the result of those 9 previous flips will not influence the 10th time you flip that coin. In laymen's terms, the coin flipping heads 9 times in a row does not make it more susceptible to being tails on the 10th try. Now that's because the coin flip has an equal 50/50 chance EVERY TIME you flip the coin.

Now if the coin you flipped had an 80/20 chance of being heads again, then you would have grounds to say, " I think the next time the coin is flipped it will be heads because it has more weight to it being heads. And that "weight" with cards is called ODDS.

Now if you did have a coin with an 80/20 favor towards being heads, and you consistently notice that it's hitting tails more often than heads, you would eventually throw that coin in the trash.

For now, I have decided to leave my explaination of the issues to the above, instead of pointing out the fallacies of bits and bites.

If the issues Im relating to, continue, I will be in a great position to post a farewell to thee.