Decided to sit down at the tables today, however it was very noticable from the get go, that i wasen't going to be getting any cards or luck what so ever. My BR is still up 25% from my original deposit, but down from the 55% a few days ago. So instead I'm leaving online virtual gaming for today to go play a little live reality card game. That is where I shine....

I got back to online cards after coming back from playing live. DId very well "live". I have very good consistent luck in "live" play. Live odds are the best.

The same can't be said for online. I decided to play a bit at the tables and I have to say that i'm seriously questioning the software being used. At the moment, i dont have any interest in promoting online poker to anyone, as i can clearly see what it really is.

From this point on i will probably slowly end this blog. My bankroll is still 25% above the deposit. However I've lost complete interest in the wizard behind the curtain. I don't see a fit with me and pokerstars here as the software favors mega-loose players intent on playing patterns, and they consistantly hit incredible odds. It's one thing to lose to someone who has 9-14 outs, they hit, well thats poker. However when you consistently lose when holding over 75% lead in odds on flop, that's a problem.

It's enough that you have to play the players, the cards, but now you have to play the software as well.