Today i decided to walk this jungle a bit in order to get more familiarized with the surroundings.

I decided to play some freerolls, with absolutely no luck what so ever. I didn't add anything to my BR. There are some highlights such as this almost unexplainable event:


Early in Hubble's tourney. Blinds 10/20.

I'm in BB with A8os. UTG+1 decides to limp in,( he's playing every hand), button limps, SB calls, and I raise 3,1/2 times the BB. UTG+1 decides to call, button calls, SB folds. Pot total is 220

Flop comes 6s As 7c.  I know exactly where i stand. Top pair with mid kicker.  I could bet out here, but i decided to trap UTG+1, knowing the type he was, playing out of position and calls anything. So i check, UTG+1 checks (damit i say to myself) and Button bets out $100. Weak bet, he's on a draw or holding marginally. I could not simply just call, and if he's on a strong draw he might call a regular raise so i went over the top. UTG+1 calls! (w??t??f??)with no pot odds, there's only a straight draw on flop. Maybe he's got 2 pair?? Original raiser folds.

UTG+1 reveals 85os and is looking at an 8 outs str8 draw, or runner runner 5 5 (4% so unlikely), the 2 other eights are no good to him.

He hit obviously,  red 9, on the turn, But I am still alive with the chance of split pot with any 10. But no luck.

In conclusion:

This type of player is not playing your traditional positional long haul tournamant poker. He will be knocked out along the way. No doubt.

I find this a questionble call on the part of UTG+1, although I could have bet out originally, in retrospec, he was calling regardless! Unfortunately "Finesse" is not part of the flow of things, in these parts.

1) Skillful, subtle handling of a situation; tactful, diplomatic maneuverings.**
2) A method of leading up to a tenace, as in bridge, in order to prevent an opponent from winning the trick with an intermediate card.**

** source: the free dictionary