I often wondered why on the tele, sometimes you would see a player getting a massage.  I often thought to myself , look at that xxxx.



Well at this time I wish I was that xxxx.   


After a long evening session last night that lasted into the morning, well 8.45am to be exact before I busted out.   I realised I had the most horrible pain in the neck.


I woke up about an hour ago, and wowwww, it still hurts.  Got out the good old deep heat rub, it stilll hurts lol.


Who would ever think that a simple little game of poker would do this.  Neck cramps are painfull.


I will never dis the massasager girls from the tele anymore, cheers to the massager girls you do a great job and are never mentioned for your skills lol.


After a 25 week or so of working, I have been laid off over the xmas period, as the main retail outlets we paint, do not wish to have painters this time of year as it is their busiest period.

So what to do....poker it is.


I spent a few months now messing around a bit, welll alot, dropping my OPR to about 40% and two reloads of about $40 just squandered.


I was working and just did not care, although I should of.


Working as helped clear my mind of all the niggles I had, from, I suppose, a life of anguish.  I must never let myself drop again into this depressive rut.

I am still a little hit and miss at the moment, with my play, but when I concentrate hard I do ok.


I look at some of my results, below is my last 5 itms.


  01 Dec 13 No Limit Hold'em HENL saschek55 $2.20                  4945 /24              
  23 Nov 13 No Limit Hold'em HENL AMADEUS1484 $0.50                 90/ 7 
  22 Nov 13 No Limit Hold'em HENL vhaselein $1.10                       2805 /250 
  16 Nov 13 No Limit Hold'em HENL jeffkabal $0.50                                      45 /7 
  16 Nov 13 No Limit Hold'em HENL holdemace486 $0.50                          45 /1 


I can play and get results, I should be more confident and have faith that if i play my game and do not alter , I may just take one down.



Thanks for reading ,good luck all