Why do we play poker?, what is your own personal reason for playing poker?.

Honesty with yourself is important.   Ask your self the question and answer it honestly.

After some time away from the game, my reason is boredom, greed, and also addicted, but not addicted in a way that as such, needs rehab, but an addiction chasing those big prizes at times.

Deep down I know I was never serious, although at times I could be serious.   This is my nature, 40 years old on Monday, and like peter pan, I will never grow up, I refuse to grow up.

I see a lot off players nowadays, on the internet , who just dont care, they are obviously playing with similar motives to my own.

I am considerng opening a new facebook page, and calling it players that dont give a flying xxxx.

Then through home games, and chat, we can maybe start to care, and become winning players.

If you are similar minded to me, face the truth, we are our worse enemy on the poker tables.

No one has to beat us, we just give up surrendering our chips needlessly.


I dont know, maybe just sprouting a rant, but I dont know why, I just keep returning, some where in my heart, there is a space for poker..................