I often ask myself why do people blog?.

I consider the reason of untold thought's ,writen in text format, telling the story of your emotional state of mind.  A way to let off anger, or share the gift of laughter and smiles.


Stories of wealth and stories of sorrow, I have seen and read it all, amongst peoples bloggs.

The joys and the woe's we share.....

Then I consider the one thing we all have in common, at times we love it , at times we hate it, but somewhere, always, poker is in our thought's.

We dream of the stardom, our face's on the television, a pile of chips, and staring in the eyes of a pro.


It would be a cool life, travelling the world to play a game you love to play, or in my case, a game I love to pay......

Woop's, I did again, I quaded my starting stack, great, then I just gave it away playing any hand feeling I was beat.

Why oh why ,do I ,do it..........

Feeling tired I should just sit out, leave the table, or just not play on those occasions.

However, im having fun, I must be crazy because I find losing with silly hands is just so much fun, and when one does get lucky, I find that hilarous that you put the beat on some one.

I find it less stressful than trying to win.




so what......I Iaugh out loud.