Well ,well,well.......bubbled with the rockets owch....

What do you do hey!, sit here feeling sorry for myself, sulking, angry, tilt?


 NERRRRR , of cause not.


Take time out for 5, 


Turn some tunes on and crank up the volume, then compose yourself to write a blogg, write your thoughts,it is good therapy for beats.


Registered in 45 man 25c let's play.


Oh Rihanna, you can sing and I can picture you lol.

''We found a love in a hopeless place"

Our love for poker at times.........


Just lost about half my stack, some people just don't understand a good bluff ...

I feel maybe a lack of concentration is happening in this game, I am having more fun writing my blogg and chillaxin to the tunes.

The Mrs and kids have gone a birthday party,I am '' home alone'', hope I do not get anybody turning the taps on and flooding my home, nicking my television why I am playing poker lollll.

"I wanna scream and let it all out'', what lyrics, how i feel after my bubble. Tunes are good for poker.

Maybe the casino should put some background tunes on for the television events, liven it up a bit.

''We saying oheoheoheoheoh.''

Black eyed peas it sounds like lol.

''Bring on the action'', it says, lol please I have been card dead upto yet.

LOl , yes i have found the smiley faces now.

35/36 woops.


800 stack...

650 now lol..my ace sore a low flop.


Knocked out in 32nd, oh well.

It was one of them tourneys I just did not feel it was going to happen, after a good run that I have had of late, a bad run is inevatable.

GL all ten minutes break then try again.Speak soon.