I am currently watching pokerstars on the television, an interesting situation has just happened.

Juanda asked Liu how much she has left behind, in a hand they were involved in.  Liu just gives him a glance and does not respond with voice. 

Liu's chips are not stacked in equal stacks.  Juanda just had the look of confusion, he asked '' put them into stacks of 20 so I know''.

It seemed a funny moment, a poker oddity.  Liu did want to voice in fear of giving something away, and Juanda had no idea how many chips she had.

That is how I sore the situation.


Not a problem though Mr Juanda, if you have a head ache from trying to count that stack, you can always borrow a firm pillow off Daniel, and have a quick nap. 


Pillows, great conversation although I think some people are lacking in a sense of humour at the tables ,this day and age.

I just hope that Daniel tells his wife that he has been having pillow talk with freinds lol.

Lock up your pillows guys, Daniel on the prowl for firm pillows of the none pancake variety.


Ahahah, got to love it.


On a poker note of my own, things are ticking away fine.  I am continuing the time vault challenge although through a bad time in April I may of failed.


I will, no matter what, persist with my goals , if I have failed the challenge I will continue with my goals.


An achievement in ones own mind, is satisfctory in it self.


GL all, may the poker gods bless you with luck.