I woke up this morning angry at myself.  I am not raged at poker, I am raged at all the 'tilt tricks' that allow the mind to drift into a tilted state.

The most annoying trick of tilt, is how it tricks you into fishing for draws.


You see your good hand flushed away by the river, you start to beleive that flush draws have more equity than they actually have.



You start to fish for the draws, you keep missing and getting knocked out.   You start to curse, but do you stop to think?.

I stopped, I thought.

The draws you are getting beat by, do we know that the fish has not just lost 20 games before looking for the draw?

The chances are yes, and the draw they hit is just unlucky timing by yourself.


'tilt' oh 'tilt' you are so crafty in your trickery.