Die hard 4.0 on the television, the mrs passed out, has it is her birthday, and the worse for ware for the day has taken over.....my letter s key is broken on my laptop, I am forced to use the on screen keyboard, this however keeps getting in the way of the poker table, it always sits on top.


My first game I am playing now, the standard 25c 45 man, at the moment nothing to talk about, except I got called with bottom pair when trying a bluff.


By right I should make a note on this opp for future information.  However I feel that every game is different and people have different frames of mind.   This is player mood variance, and an important note to make when playing live.  If you can perceive a live player is angry for example, you could perceive, that maybe, that player would play wild in nature. 

972 in chips, I will look to push  / fold to try and get into the game.

John Maclain about to kick some 'weird donkeys' .

Of late, beleive or it not lol, I have been arguing on the science forums, that the speed of light often referred to has just 'C', a speed of 299,792,458 metres per second, can not be so.

Damnnn.....I have not realized and just missed the break...oh well the bladder will have to wait.

Any way, comparing an earth second to an alien second, the earth  and the alien second would represent a different lenght of time although having the same numerical value.  Rather confusing really.


Yipee....double up 1.5k,  BB curently 50-100, 15bb in my stack, I am ok now for  several more orbits. 

Thinking a sandwich must be on the menu soon, I can hear the grumble monster  in my belly saying feed me , feed me, feed me now.

Cigerette time..........

Oh dear, the bad guy has Maclains daughter, I think Maclain is getting p........off now.


BB now 150

1.5k in chips

Arrr, KK and got no action, hate it when that happens.

Last 18


AA no action grrrrrrrrr lolllll.


 6.1k now , looking good at this stage.  13 players left.


Film finished need a channel change I think.  Just thought poker on tele at about 12/midnight.

11.40pm now UK  time.

Aussie millions

Oh ek, lost half me stack to short stack, check trapped, I played it to agressive with 88.  Bad play by me.

11 left, why oh why....

10 minutes later, still eleven left. BB 400 / 3k in chips

3 minutes until poker on the television, grea,t same time has break.


Final table pfffff....3.2k in my stack looking low to the blinds.

Made the break, grabbed a sandwich e.t.c back in my seat.  Chicken and fresh tomato, a sausage roll to follow.

Poker on the television has started.

I recognize Mercier, Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan,  the other players I do not know.


Dannn it, bubble in 8th A7 suited, oh well. Yipee ki hey  chips.


GL all