Hello all my fellow players , today is a blogg about spotting the dreaded tilt.


How do you spot tilt in yourself?, 

You can not spot your own tilt but with a carefull thought and consideration, you can feel tilt.

Tilt is in your control, tilt is just a form of emotion.  


I tilted the other night for the first time this year.  Losing two games in quick consession of 45 man sng's.


The difference this time to all the other times, was I regonized it was tilt.   


I quickly stood down from play, and was able to stop the tilt, by not playing until my mind was clear.

Only losing 2 buyins is a great improvement from losing my entire role, which I have done in the past by continuing to play on tilt.

How can you feel tilt you may ask?.

The way I would explain tilt as an emotion, is that your mind become over drived.

Everything in play all seems faster, the orbits around the table seem to go quicker, we obviously start to play more hands, every thing is at an accellerated rate, but only as the mind percieves it to be.

In another context and understanding, our patience has gone.

There are many forms of tilt, but no matter what causes the tilt, whether it be illness or tiredness e.t.c.,

The outcome will be same, there becomes a rush in the mind to play, a fast track play system seems to kick in.

Calmness is lost, and an aratic sense of play takes over.

I am glad I can now spot this in my play, it was the main hurdle I had to deal with.

Countless downswings can be avoided if you can spot the problem.


I have lost on my last 4 times dealt KK, this doe's not bother me, I win just as well without kings.

This is just another hand in an infinite game of variance.


I am undecided whether to post in the main forum, a complete guide to variance from my understanding of view.  

A guide that will help people understand the value of variance and also    the enlightenment to avoid tilt....


Spot tilt by the way you feel, tilt is no more than an emotion, an emotion that leads to agressive mistakes and the wrong decissions.


Gl all