Surprisingly to me , my time vault challenge is seemingly going to plan.   It may be cold outside, but I feel assured on the tables, that my current form is warming me up.

I have not played as much as I intended to this month, but i suppose less, can sometimes be more.

My new found interest in science, as kept me occupied.  I now see a fine balance of life, poker and other interests, it  is definately  the way forward for me.

My love for the game is finally taking it's course, persistence  and dedication now finally starting to reward, as I have now found the long awaited discipline, that was my final hurdle.

I will not let myself get carried away with boisterous thoughts, I will remain calm, as arogance doe's not belong at the tables.

Also at this stage my winnings and ROI are nothing to shout about, but for a person only playing SNG's with 45 players or more, even a small profit is reward.

I shall spend the following week, looking for the oppurtunity again to take my weekly shot.

Finding the right oppurtunity and timing of your life situation, is a key element to been successfull.





P.S Hope you like my new player pic if it shows.