Oooooo, not good having the flue, two weeks of the kids with the chicken pox, and now I got the flue....Pfffffff.


My concentration is off, so at the moment I am avoiding playing a lot of games.  I can not even concentrate on reading so many bloggs and posts.   My apologies to you all.


Not too much to report poker wise, nothing as really happened one way or the other, a fine balance of variance, floating on an even scale.


I have had a few games on the sister site, playing NLHE 5c-10c blinds, I am doing ok, although yesterday after getting infront and tripppling my stack twice, to lose it through lack of concentration.


I am stilll ahead though.   


I will keep this blogg short, I feel like crap, jst needed to keep my goals ticing over, until I am feeling myself again. 


Gl all