ohhooo, sometimes I get a good feeling......and I never,never had this feeling before yeah yeah.

You got it guys, headphones are on, tunes are blasting, I am smiling, and live blogging tonight.

This is just so sick, I love to talk and play.


Started of nitty, currently 0 VPIP, I do not count blind action checks as VPIP.

21/35 , 45 players started, 0.25c buyin.

I must stay calm and focused.  30bb no pressure, still have full stack almost, 1440 in chips.

I have just decided to put some longer tunes on, got sick of changing the track on youtube.

We now have 1hr and 30 mins of dance mix ,coolllllll.

Open imping with KJ, try see a cheap flop.  KJ,KQ generally flops well, I will not call a 2 bet though

Falsed to fold, darn it.....a spew of 50 chips.

Someones K8 just took out Ak, glad I folded.  Got my opp now, he is my imeadiate target.

2.5k I got him lol.....

had a strange week this week, but thats nothing new in the lines of my poker thoughts...

These tunes are so good....wish you was all here, have a beer and a laugh and dance the night away loll....

I think i had better check the situation on my table, 

ill be back....wow that sounds familiar mr swarfega as my mum use to pronounce lol..

she would say  know who I mean, Arnold Swarfega ,bless her.

22 on the bb lost a few chips defending no big deal though.

I was priced in, 100 for a 600 pot.

arrr, the fish gets lucky and wakes up with qq, I called down with ace high, 2 pair on the board.

Back to 1500 chips, 100bb at the moment. 24/45 left.

Still no panic at this time.

92 utg I will pass on that for sure.

eeekkkk, every one folds around to SB, he jams it in my face, I am sitting on the BB with AJ, 9bb's as they reached 150. I call, eeekkk he got KK.

Busted out in 22nd. 

Happy with my performance, do not think I would of or could of played it much different.


GL all ...