A new month is upon us.   My calmness continues, and I was happy today to see I have my Time vault challenge lock in badge.

I have not played much of late, but this is down to self discipline, if i am  losing I walk, and stay away for a while.

If I am losing, I am tilting, so in honesty I know it is me ,when it is me ,and not just down to bad luck.

I  still feel like the underdog, I bet theres even side bets on wether or not I complete my challenge.

However, my new found hobby of Quantum Mechanics is keeping my mind occupied.  I just need to turn the switch on ,concentration levels, on the table.

My request for a stake is looking grim,  but I am not worried, I am going to start my shots regardless, sticking to my goal plan of one a week, unless I drop in BR.