Well surprising to me I am sticking to my goals for the time vault challenge.


This is technically a live blogg as I am writing this I am playing, just played a really well 82 from the BB, free check and hit my set to full house on the river.  Missed value on the river as a flush hit the board also scaring of the opp for a 1/ 3rd size of the pot value bet.

On a funny note im trying some thing new, a set of headphones on bopping away to tunes...

currently smiling for once as lady gaga got my ppppp poker face lol, and I  am on about the 3rd time listening to it, but buzzing off it as I play.

Some guy just tried bluff my JJ on a ace high board, like I would fall for that is he mad.


11/36, along way to go yet ,BB at 50, so no pressure at this stage.


Having a strange few days as I have my moments, but sort of knowing you can be right and then realsiing you can just play around it just confuses the hell out of me. But all good regardless of most things in my life, I am refusing to tilt.

I never feel my game is at fault, I feel I am at fault.

Just raised 2.5x with A7 in the cut off, nice chance for the steal against average stacks.  The steal held, the decission was correct.


I am now listening to a bit class, Pink Floyds crazy  diamond , sick start, to get me deep thinking as we near the mid stages of the tourney.




QQ to induce action

hit my set then the house on the turn

checked it down to the river to induce a bet from the opp who is tight

AND wowww this floyd is in my head lol.

10/27 bb increasing still ok yet ,bb now 150 I have 2.4k in chips.


Ten mins to the break, 1.45 am, still feeling fresh.

Cigarette time.....


nice read gets me to 3k chips


Almost time to start playing.....2 star player just upped a gear thats my target at the moment.

PInk floyd was a bit to much tiresome lol, now ,sometimes I got that feeling by flo rida, proper feel good song.

Backed of my target he his queit again put it down to good card run.

OHHHHo,sometimes, i get that feeling, yeahaaa, catchy tune guys....

NOw thats just class, got some great dance music on, I am nearly 40 ,but still a raver from a hardcore generation.....

LOL almost forgot I am playing ...

200bb ,im now at the fold ,push stage, with 2.3k in chips.

8/15 3k in chips ,7 itm.

pressure now on ,300bb ,3.2k in chips,

my table now 6 handed, 12 left

time to get aggressive and cross my fingers

need find a hand 72 just does not do it

final table

5k in chips ,pfffffff

and the music still kicking in my ears...

bubble positions

oh so sick....

JJ ran into aces


ooh well..lol next time hey cant win them all