Hello, its been a while, the year is finally at its end.  I have been thinking back , thinking about the start of my year.

I think, the major turning point of the year for me was about a few hours ago.  The penny finally dropped,  I realized I had actually learnt something from the very start on PSO.

I sit here smiling, my head held up high, proud of myself, because I know of my own stubborness.

What was the most important thing I had learnt?, something I had nether even considered untill I joined PSO.

All year I have used this, it may not of been exact, but it always kept me afloat.  It's the simple and foremost important thing in poker, Bankroll management.

Well, unbelievable to myself, I had actually listened, and 2013, with some help from freinds, I am playing a shedule.

This allows me freedom with my family, as well as grinding away the tables,  as my times will be set to play.

I think the second most important thing I have realized this year, is not to be greedy.  Not to chase those huge prizes at the end of those very large feild mtt's.  These tourney's have huge variance, due to the large amount of players in them.


So from me to you , Happy new year...

I wish you poker luck for the new year 2013.

And remember, the clear and unaltered mind, is the key to winning.