The un-altered state of the mind is the key to winning poker.

As your mind altered?, are you suffering from the illusion that is created by continuous hours of play,staring and concentrating at the game you love best.
You start falling for the illusion that is created and start to play those mediocre hands just because you have been bad beat by them before and seen them win time and time again so you think.

This is not fact, it is only your brain remembering this, as it is a significant thing you would remember.

Your mind becomes altered, text book poker no longer exists, you get lucky a few times and think it works, then all of sudden your bankroll as gone.

There is people who beleive in magic formulas such as a poker crack, trying to sell their missguided books,and looking right past the truth.

Hand memories they remember and have often seen a recurence,however this again is not fact as the possible of combinatin of hands dealt is a number i can not even pronounce,something like 80,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

The unaltered state of the mind is the key to winning poker