I have not blogged for a while,but again my head as been in a pickled mess.  A few years back when i started on here i started off ok,sadly my mum passed away and it had adverse aeffect on my game.
Recently I had got over it and with help and conversation managed to pull myself out of a rut and started to bring my game to the tables.

Then omg sadly my father passed away suddenly sending my great Bankroll i had achieved back down to the micro grinding.

 Excuses yes i suppose,I should off just not played,but on promising my mum and dad i would make something with my life,getting myself and my kids a better living situation was compelled to play.
So sitting here im thinking, i have promises to keep,so i think its time to stop feeling so sorry for myself and commit to that promise.
I have not deposited for time,i have a small BR left and am sure i can do it again,touch wood wish me luck,
may the poker gods have pitty on my needs.