In my second blog I mentioned about climbing to the mountain peak, then realising there was another mountain to climb, I had stability but staring at that second mountain messed with my game. I am now what I call yoyo playing, up and down.
My decission to make the right choice was hugely interfering with my game, not knowing where I was going or what my goals were.
Angry at myself I had a rant on the forum taking it out on others, where there was only me to blame.
I know it in my heart that I have a fair crack at becoming number 1. However I will never achieve this if i allow complacency to creep into my game.
Attention I must pay, watching for every little move and any little slip up. I must make the right decissions in my quest if i truley want to become a master.
It may sound coy but with little hope comes little imagination, and imagination is what it takes to become a world class player.
One day I hope to have the calm it takes.