My dreams of becoming a proffessional poker player as been a road of anguish and desire.  I started many years ago, looking for that dream that I am sure many of you too have had and still have got. 
Poker as so many ups and downs, the mind does not know how to deal with this.  My mind was in confusion, no one to turn to and no one trust, I mean it is poker are people your freinds?, or do they just want your chips?.
Years had past by, I had skills, however my foolishnes out balanced my skills and then my nievity lead me to beleive other things.
Confusion and tourmented I decided to look for an answer, so I then joined online pokerschool that pokerstars kindly as for us.
Where would I start I asked myself, I know I will tell them the truth that I can be really good but tend to chuck my money away.  This did not go down well with some of the regulars, as did not my conspiracy theories.

Eventually after a couple of month, I started to realise that some of the guys were ok, and there was maybe the odd weaker player that I could help.
So from here my mindset started to change ,and with a little help from some one who railed me.

I learnt to play poker without knowing what everything meant, I was self taugtht, learning bits from the television and watching videos on you tube.
I then watched the PSO videos and attended a few live training sesions, this was when my mind really opened up.
My mindset had changed from now on my chips are my chips, not to waste and chuck away.
Then disaster strikes, my reloadable credit card was broken, I could no longer top up my account. No I felt sick, only had $2 on my account and finally a mind set .
What was I to do?. Well I knew then I had to win or try to win everthing I played, so off I went playing free rolls and micro sngs trying to gain a bankroll.
I am now on $32 , and proud to be a member of Pokerstars, and off cause always gratefull of the Pokerschool.